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Well, everything old is new again.

Today the Microsoft PowerPoint Team Blog did me the honor of pointing out one of my posts from earlier this year, The Blur Trick, with an invitation to write more later.

I had the fun of writing a re-introduction for myself, for the blog I got started and which still contains entries I hope continue to help customers.

Hi, I’m Ric Bretschneider.  You might remember me from…well, the very first entry in the PowerPoint team blog back in 2006 and a lot of tips and tricks articles after that. I left the PowerPoint team and Microsoft about a year ago, but I’m still very involved with helping people become better presenters, and make better presentations.

I’m very pleased that the PowerPoint Blog team invited me back to share an article, written earlier this year on my personal blog, calledThe PowerPoint Blur Trick. You can add texture or blur the background of a picture using the Artistic Effects feature in PowerPoint 2010, leaving the foreground crisp and clear.

If you missed it before, hope you enjoy it today.  And we’ll see what I can come up with later.



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October 12, 2011 at 8:37 pm

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