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Justin is in Boy Scouts, and is actually approaching the ultimate achievement in scouting; The Eagle.  Part of getting to Eagle is a public service project that the boy has to plan, find funding for, write a project proposal report, stand before an approving board to get permission, and then supervise the execution – he’s not supposed to do the project on his totally on his own, a large part of it is about leadership as he’s expected to supervise and direct other scouts.
Justin’s project is painting a US Map on the playground of a local school.  That’s where we spent most of Saturday.  Of course the hardest thing as parents is to let the kid do it, not to interfere or change their plans or execution.  Man is that hard. 
Anyway, here are some snaps.  The boys put down a template and spray in dots that delineate the states.  Yes folks, it’s all about the vertices. Then they chalk in the lines to make sure things look right, then paint the lines in.  This is just step one.  Step two is filling in the states with color, and then step three is tidying everything up.  And it has to be complete before school starts on the 28th!
Great support from the rest of the scouts, everyone had a good time.  

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August 15, 2005 at 8:22 am

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